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UTAH Classes


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Every course you take with us concentrates first and foremost on safety. Whether you're a new or prospective firearm owner or hunter in search of training whatever your age or level of expertise, we are here to help you. From beginner to developing competitor, we develop safe, ethical, responsible shooters through our training courses. With the understanding that not everyone has the same skill level or physical ability. In this 3 hour course students will get, pamphlets/cd on safety and terminlogy and lessons on the rules of safe gun handling, identifying and unloading various firearms, ammunition, cleaning, storage and much more. Satisfies the requirement when applying for your pistol permit and will be issued a certificate upon completion. Please register below and feel free to call us with any further questions!



Handgun Safety Courses

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We offer a wide variety of services from firearm transfers to safety courses and sales. We will even assist you through the permit process from start to finish!


The Utah Concealed Carry Permit is one of the most sought-after multi-state permits as its wide acceptance allows the permit-holder to carry a pistol in up to 31 states, while at the same time remaining one of the most inexpensive permits to both acquire and maintain. Call for more details and dates! Register for the UTAH Class using the form below!